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Hi, I wanted to be anonymous, but I don't care at all. All I will write there, is about what I experienced on The Wolf game. Yea, I know, this game is wonderfull, nice, you make new friends, is pretty much action. Well, everything is not exactly how it looks, there a lot of fake friends. When I trust them, they have betrayed me. Yea, was worse, but don't worry, is not like I make some drama from that. Just, you know, is not fair, right? Maybe you too, who read these lines, you experinced something like this, or maybe you will experince this in future and you will though : " Oh, yea, I know that someone said about this type of people. I give you a tip : " Don't trust anyone and take care of your feelings, I don't thing someone who don't know you for real, will understand you, after all, is just a game, not a real friendship".

Ok , let's not be pessimistic, pffhahaha, sorry for that, I like so much to tell the truth. Anyway, I've grown accustomed with things like that. Now, I can tell when my fake friends changes their names everytime. I don't say anything and I look at them, I realize who they are. They change their name and attack me, that's the worse, and I guess they do that with everyone. So worse to can change name everytime. You know, because of them , now sometime I am in good mood with my original form, and after I met them on game is so annoying and I change in my bad mood, I change my form, my name and I don't care after all. They bring all the worst in me. That's because I trusted them. I am the type of girl who put feelings in everything, even if I have 20 years and I am pretty mature.

Ok, I talked a lot about those fake friends, so, about this game, is so nice, but I guess we all wait for new update, because there is a probleme with some guys who make heal glitch or whatever. Just bugs, so maybe next update will solve this. We don't need to be their feed, right? Let's just play fair guys.

Thanks for reading this, maybe it was boring, but thanks, maybe will help. Bye^^