The Wolf Wiki

Haiiiiii!!! It's meh Fire Flame Mighty Wolf. Or... just call meh Ruv... BTW! u had a lot of fun with my previous account but I'm right here!

I play many games like The Tiger, and The Cheetah. and I know how to play! :3 Check my pack Undertale AU Sans/UTSAU for more details of me! ID in there too! :)

Nicknames 4 everyone to call me!: Ruv, Ultimate, Ulti!Ruv, Destruction, Mighty Wolfie UwU, Mighty Wolf, Keith, Day, Breaker, Daybreaker, Ultimate Ruv, DyBrker, Shattered, Dream, Sans, K1LL3R C0D3, Wingo, Error404, 404, Error, Awesome Gamer, Calm, Rain Fall, Break, Nightweaver, Maya, Ocean, Undertale, Among Us, Fire Flame, Sarv, Sarvente, Corrupted Mighty, Tia, Luna, Celestial Wolf, Cyber Wolf, Pinewood, Nightmare, Whitty, Whitmore, Ruvyzvat

Everything is calm in my way UwU