The Wolf Wiki
    • Wouldn't it be nice to have a day cycle on the wolf? To have dawn and night, with the moon up high, also, at night we could see the light of the skills from far away.
    • The Wolf has been updated. Now there is a day night cycle, and skills can be seen from far away no matter what.
    • Can you have pups/a mate in The Wolf?
    • No, you cannot have pups or a mate in The Wolf. However, you could roleplay a family with your friends.
    • How do I unlock skills?
    • You can unlock skills by leveling up to a certain level (Ex. The Thunderstorm skill unlocks at level 50) and buying the skill with gems afterwards.
    • How do I get gems?
    • You can get gems by killing champions or buying them from the Shop. Champions spawn randomly in maps.
    • How do I get coins?
    • You can get coins by killing animals or enemies in PVP. When you kill an animal or enemy, the game spawns in coins in your account.
    • How do I change what my wolf looks like?
    • You can change what your wolf looks like by hitting the arrows next to your wolf. You will unlock more skins as you level up.
    • How do I change my name?
    • You can change your name by hitting the bar under the words “Enter name”.
    • How do I determine my gender?
    • You can determine your gender by hitting one of the genders under the words “Select Gender”.