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Any tips for others on good ways to hunt, etc.? Post it here!

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Co-op Hunting

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew by WolfFolen

I've seen so many wolves in the few hours I've played this game charge into a herd of deer, a pack of enemy wolves, or a couple of mountain lions. Common sense says just don't. Wolves in real life travel in packs and therefore are able to take down bigger prey, like moose and others. A good strategy I've employed is to separate a creature from it's group and then attack it. It has happened, I have seen and done it, and I would suggest it. However, it is not very easy as most of the time the animals stay together no matter what.

Moonwalking Method by KoLy12F

I have used a method where I distract the prey by leading it in circles so it turns all its attention on chasing me. However, do take note this only works when targeting relatively slow prey like bison (It definitely does not work on Crocodile Champions.). My friends will attack behind, unleashing bunches of skills on the poor bison. Normally we'll choose a wolf whose control is good so you don't accidentally knock into a rock and get stuck, or worse, unintentionally charge into your prey's face. The best hunting strategy is that you get a lot of friends and sort of build a semicircle behind the prey. Just in case the prey suddenly turns its attention on e.g. Wolf A, the rest can quickly move and form a semicircle again, leaving only Wolf A to distract the prey.

<- Wolf A <- Bison <- Wolves (in a semicircle)

PVP Arena

The Best Thing About Mountain Climbing by KoLy12F

I'm not asking you to amuse yourself with the mountains, but here's a great thing:

I (and a friend of mine) was wandering around and we found two traps: One at the blue team and one at the red team. It's a place where no wolf can come out, except for respawning. The one for blue is on the right of the den (on the left, on the outside of the den if you have just joined the server or respawned) and it's easily accessible. The one at the red team's den is somewhere behind the den, but it's harder as it is at a really tricky angle. However, if your really good at getting into the trap behind the red team's den, you can actually do this: Your attacker can only go on top of you or beside you but not near to attack because he/she is blocked. And, anyway, if you don't find these traps useful, you can always run across the mountains till you know every rock, and then you can escape from a wolf that's at your tail because he/she may get stuck at some place and get slowed down.

don't fight the other team by your self do call if you are alpha first but kill champions by your self if you can. by unknow weird person that plays the wolf

if you are the one who kill the champion with the last hit then you get the most gems and points so try to kill them by your self. the bull champion is easy so kill that first last time i killed it it had 900 heath., also don't try to fight the whole other team by your self because you will get kill really fast and then you will need to run back just to die again so if you are the alpha do a call first and then have lots of players fight. if the other players on the other team made a call then try to plant traps on the place. when they come back after they got kill they will be hit by the trap. PVP and CO-OP: Try closing in instead of running in groups. by 2k20 legened It works especially in PVP me and my girlfriend Twila prime 123 were playing PVP and I thought of this great idea and to be honest it's a smart idea cause instead of charging a someone attack them and do it when they are vulnerable it cause when they run they will try to run to base and 10/10 you will try and pursue them but get your teammate's to hide somewhere and when the enemy runs your teammates will close in them from side to side and front and back and set traps because when they try to run they will move slower which makes them easy pickings like my favorite animals African wild dogs do this they hunt in hunting parties and when the prey comes by the two groups from both sides and front and back attack the prey.