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There are currently 2 modes to choose from, CO-OP Hunting and PVP Arena.

CO-OP Hunting

In CO-OP mode, you gain experience from hunting animals with other players as your allies. You can fight stronger and bigger animals together! There are six maps that you can choose from: Green Hills, Dark Forest, Wild Tundra, Legend Mountains, Mammoth Creek, And Tropical Forest in order. As you level up, you unlock the maps. In each map, there are different animals to hunt, as they represent different natural environments. In CO-OP the game separated into sections to keep it fair for players.

PVP Arena

PVP mode is played into 2 teams that consists of 4 players each. You can hunt animals just like in the hunting mode, but beware - the players on the opposite team are your enemies too! Like CO-OP hunting, PVP has five maps that can be unlocked while leveling up, but the maps cannot be chosen to enter. It will send you to a random map to fight with the other team and you have to be five levels higher than the level of that map that you originally unlocked. You can have the option to switch teams, if the other team are less players than yours, but you must be in your teams den to be able to this. In PVP the game is split into sections to keep it fair for low, middle, high players.

World Map

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The joystick at the bottom left of the screen is used to move your wolf the handle around in the direction you want your wolf to move.On computer, you can use a,w,s, and d or arrow keys.


The panel in the bottom right corner is your basic attack and skills. The big button is the standard attack, and the four smaller ones are your special skills. You can have basic, auras, specials and totem otherwise known as trap button. The totem button will appear left to the ”Special” skill type.


The buttons in the middle are, from left to right: chat keyboard, attributes(It also counts as your attribute upgrade button), skills, scoreboard, den teleport.

The den teleport has a loading time, and if you move, or get hurt by an animal or wolf, it gets interrupted. This is a nice way to simply howl without teleporting, to celebrate a kill for example.


The scoreboard shows the current players on the map and how well they're doing. The player that has hunted or killed the most, is marked as the Alpha of the pack. The Alpha has the ability to open a portal in a desired spot, in which the other wolves can teleport to by using the button above the attack panel. To open the portal as an Alpha, use the howling button which appears as a howling wolf above your attack buttons. Be sure to not move or touch any other button until the portal has loaded completely, as that will interrupt it.

Leveling Up

As you play, you will gain experience points, coins and gems, in addition to scoreboard points and kills.

Experience points are what makes you level up, and this happen automatically. Your level, level progress and XP can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen, along with your ID number. Here you will also see your wolf’s name and team color while playing.

Your coins (a round icon with a paw print) and gems (pink diamond) are in the upper right corner, along with a (+) that allows you to buy more with either gems or points. The coins are used to upgrade your attributes. The gems are used to unlock and upgrade skills, as well as buy Premium.


Premium can be bought by gems. You can either buy 5 days for 500 gems or 30 days for 1500 gems (potentially saving 1500 gems). While in premium you get:

  • +50% XP
  • +50% coins
  • Premium Wolf Skin (The Great Wolf)
  • Extra Quest Slot
  • 100% attribute boost when obtaining a Mega Reward

This allows you to level up faster, to become stronger faster, and looking rad while doing so.