The Wolf Wiki

The den is where you spawn when you join a server. When you go in your den, you can heal. You can also teleport to your den by clicking on the sixth button on the bottom, but this is often frowned upon by many players of high levels because they think teleporting to your den to safety is what a coward would do.

There is one den in every CO-OP map. When you enter a server, you spawn in this den. It usually has weak animals by it.

In the PVP game mode, there are two dens - one for the Red Team and one for the Blue Team. In PVP, you must be in your den to switch teams. Opposing teams cannot heal in the other team’s den. In PVP, when you die you spawn in your den, unlike CO-OP when you spawn somewhere near where you died. It is believed that this is because PVP maps are smaller than CO-OP maps.

In PVP, when you teleport to your den it is similar to the alpha howl. You must not move or do anything while you are teleporting, because that will disrupt it. When you teleport, blue sparks fly around you And a faint glow appears at the bottom of your wolf. When you teleport while in your den, it will just teleport you to another place in the den. When you finish teleporting, a green mist fades off around your wolf.