The Wolf Wiki

Note: Many players use “Champ” as an abbreviation.

Champions are animals that are stronger than their normal counterparts. They appear in every map. Champions spawn randomly due to the Random Number Generator (RNG). Champions give you more coins and XP, and additionally some gems. The amount of gems you receive depends on how powerful the champion is, whether you had the killing bite, how much damage you did, and how many players were attacking the champion. Usually due to RNG some champions spawn with another animal in duos or even trios.

It is a bit difficult to spot a champion, but almost all champions have different colors from their non-champion animal. Champions also usually have scars over their body and their names are bolded in red. In the Christmas event, champions wear Christmas hats, just like the wolves. Their names also added the word “Champion” to it - for example the American Bison Champion when its normal animal is just the American Bison. There are no passive or mid passive champions.

Low-tier champions rarely spawn.

Green Hills Champions

  • Boar Champion
  • Wild Boar Champion
  • Stag Champion
  • Bobcat Champion
  • Moose Champion
  • Bear Champion
  • Black Bear Champion
  • Grizzly Bear Champion
  • Cougar Champion
  • Tiger Champion
  • White Tiger Champion
  • Crocodile Champion
  • American Bison Champion
  • Bull Champion
  • Brown Bull Champion

Dark Forest Champions

  • Tortoise Champion
  • Wild Goat Champion
  • Jaguar Champion
  • Wild Boar Champion
  • Addax Champion
  • Falcon Champion
  • Vulture Champion
  • Griffon Vulture Champion
  • Condor Champion
  • Eagle Champion
  • Snake Champion
  • Black Snake Champion
  • Rhinoceros Champion
  • White Rhinoceros Champion
  • Bison Champion
  • American Bison Champion
  • Black Bear Champion
  • Alligator Champion

Wild Tundra Champions

  • Lynx Champion
  • Raven Champion
  • Alaskan Moose Champion
  • Polar Bear Champion
  • Grizzly Bear Champion
  • Megabat Champion
  • Blue Heron Champion
  • Eagle Champion
  • Dall Sheep Champion
  • Reindeer Champion
  • Caribou Champion
  • Wolverine Champion
  • Gyrfalcon Champion
  • Walrus Champion
  • Elephant Seal Champion
  • Musk Ox Champion
  • Brown Musk Ox Champion
  • Siberian Tiger Champion
  • White Tiger Champion

Legend Mountains Champions

  • Mountain Goat Champion
  • Black Mountain Goat Champion
  • Honey Badger Champion
  • Black Wolverine Champion
  • Black Panther Champion
  • Bay Cat Champion
  • Giant Anteater Champion
  • Brown Addax Champion
  • Albatross Champion
  • Bald Eagle Champion
  • White Raven Champion
  • Condor Champion
  • Yak Champion
  • Hippopotamus Champion
  • White Hippopotamus Champion
  • White Rhinoceros Champion
  • Crocodile Champion
  • Giant Crocodile Champion
  • Aurochs Champion
  • Asian Elephant Champion

Mammoth Creek Champions

  • Black Mountain Goat Champion
  • Porcupine Champion
  • Tasmanian Devil Champion
  • Coyote Champion
  • Thylacine Champion
  • Babirusa Champion
  • Roosevelt Elk Champion
  • Wild Ram Champion
  • Puma Champion
  • Markhor Champion
  • Liger Champion
  • Dark Albatross Champion
  • Canadian Bison Champion
  • Wild Yak Champion
  • White Rhinoceros Champion
  • Sabertooth Tiger Champion
  • White Tiger Champion
  • Aurochs Champion
  • Black Aurochs Champion
  • Mighty Rhinoceros Champion
  • Mammoth Champion

Tropical Forest Champions