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• 7/9/2018

Wolf Skins and Specialities

I realise that the wolf skins in The Wolf are just plain wolf skins, whereas in other games they've got armour (which work like the wolf skins) and when you change them, they give you certain special boosts. I was thinking, maybe some sort of boost or advantage can be added to it. For example:

-White wolf(by the way, I think it's Arctic wolf): damage increase by 5% when used in Wild Tundra domain

-Gray wolf: health increase by 5% when used in Green Hills domain

Or other arrangement and boosts of various stats that are attached to them. Sometimes it makes the game more interesting. Because you don't normally see white wolves running around on green hills or in dark forests in real life.

Also, I would be glad if you have any other skin and special sets or ideas, and post it down in the comments↓😀
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• 9/2/2018
Technically, not including the specialty wolf skins, (Great Wolf and Mighty Wolf)* there are 6 free skins. To help you out I created a chart.

The Black Wolf would most likely have the Dark Forest map.
The Grey Wolf would have the Green Hills map.
Dhole Wolf, Mexican Wolf, and the Arctic Wolf, would have the Wild Tundra map.

*BUT For the Legend Mountains it would seem beneficial for the Great Wolf and Mighty Wolf to thrive there. But to me, it all seems complex and unfair to the other players. For example; If you wanted to play in PVP mode, would you still have the special power up? Usually PVP mode is chosen at random terrains. It would be kind of harder for a more higher amped player to be killed. People would get aggravated and want to change skin continuously just to be able to be stronger.

Each player has a free choice to pick whatever skin they want regardless to the terrain. I feel if people have power ups, they wont feel as if they can be themselves, their own color. They would want to be stronger, loosing the creativity of the game.

This is only my opinion. :)
• 9/3/2018
That's why I would like it if they had an update where you can choose which map and terrain to go even in PVP. Then the problem would be solved. But still, the power ups may just make the game more fun. Some people's wolves are strong enough, say a lvl 50 playing with a lvl 35, they would probably choose a black wolf or gray wolf even when they are in the wild tundra map because they're strong enough. But let's say the wolf skins have their own skills. The wolves can choose different skills based on their level and their standard. Then there would be even more skills to use in PVP or Co op.
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